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About us

The people behind Quote Translations are:


Michel Asselbergs

Is a qualified translator French and has more than eight years experience as technical writer and translator from and into English. Is also a qualified translator of legal English (SIGV).

The technical knowledge is underpinned by a four-year education in mechanical engineering, additional courses and practical experience acquired in several jobs in this field. From 1999 writing of technical documentation became the main activity, and then translating took over. Meanwhile translating is the main activity.


Agnes Millies-Lacroix

Is a qualified translator French as well as a qualified teacher French (second level). She lived and worked in France for more than 18 years. These professional activities were mainly jobs in the domain of tourism (e.g. Air France).

After her return in the Netherlands she first worked as a French teacher and then during five years handled the commercial communication between French customers and Dutch suppliers in a French commercial agency based in the Netherlands. The language of communication in the office was French. Agnes has perfect control of French, but was born Dutch.

We also work with a varying number of freelancers.